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We’re great at helping businesses sell to families

When Mums, Dad’s, Grandparents and the whole family need help or want to go out and enjoy themselves.

When families want recommendations they come to us first, Google second.

Hair Dressers
Fitness & Exercise
Food & Drink
Business Services
Days Out

Plumbers, builders, baby groups, cafes, days out and more. If your customers are family members and in charge of household spending, we can help you engage with our network and sell more!

Access to the Samantha Poole Network of 32,500+ potential customers


+17% growth p/m


+10% growth p/m


+10% growth p/m


+10% growth p/m
5 Stars

Separating the Good From The Bad

No more competing with swarms of unqualified competitors. We only work with the best companies.

Facebook is great, but it’s not everything.

We know how to reach our audience and it’s not just online. We’ll help get the word out through:


An exclusive directory for service providers, groups, activities, products, jobs, days out, events, holidays and more.

Only the best are allowed in, my communities know this, so conversion is high.


Milton Keyne’s local magazine, 6000 distributed copies + the online issue promoted across all of our social media platforms.

Also supported by local influencers, increasing social reach by 50,000+

Discount App

The local discount app that promotes offers from the businesses we support in Milton Keynes.

Get your business in front of thousands of potential new customers waiting to discover your offerings.


Two very popular networking events run every month for businesses in Milton Keynes.

It’s a great way to meet new customers, it’s also free for members.

A few words from some of my happy fans!

Little Turtle Swim Company

“Thank You to Sam and her efforts – within 3 days of posting a status about an additional new venue & swimming classes we had filled the available 20 spaces with new clients directly from her group.”

Zara - Owner

Beauty & Nails by Reena

“I would like to thank Sam for sending me lots of clients! Since joining her I haven’t had to advertise anywhere else, saving lots of time and money! If you’re based in MK then it’s just silly to advertise anywhere else because they cover MK really well.

Very pleased with the rates and extremely pleased with the enquiries that come through Sam’s network and how interested they were in my services. Sam is easy going, down to earth and wants your business to do well. Thanks Sam. Lovely working with you and I’m glad I found you!”

Reena - Owner

Jamie’s Carpets

“We’ve had several new referrals and some lovely new customers from the Mum to Mum community – word of mouth recommendations are one of the best ways to get new business.”

Jamie - Owner

Forget Me Not Cakery

“I would definitely recommend promoting with Mum to Mum to other local businesses reading this right now. I’ve had so many customers who have come through the page and it’s wonderful when admin recommend you too!”

Lu - Owner

Aardvark Carpet Cleaning MK

“I wanted to say a massive thank you for your quick response in referring me to potential customers. I have had a lot of business and met some really nice families this year. I am now getting multiple referrals and good reviews. I really appreciate your help!”

Matt - Owner

Get connected to Milton Keynes and start selling more

Choose a plan and let’s get started!


  • Online Directory Only
  • 1 area & 1 category listing on the Directory - £135 per year
  • 3 areas & 3 business categories - £270 per year
  • Promote in Mum to Mum Facebook group
  • 1 free savings membership app
£ 135/pa OR 270/pa


  • Online & Print advertising
  • 1 area & 1 category listing on Mumsrate Directory
  • 4 x 1/4 pages in Mum to Mum Magazine (1 every 3 months)
  • 1 free savings membership app
  • Social Media shares on our platforms
save 60
or £35 monthly


  • Online & Print advertising
  • 3 areas & 3 categories listing on Mumsrate Directory
  • 4 x 1/2 pages in Mum to Mum Magazine (1 every 3 months)
  • 1 free savings membership app
  • Social Media shares on our platforms
save £70
or £70 monthly


  • Online & Print advertising
  • 3 areas & 3 categories listing on Mumsrate Directory
  • 4 x FULL pages in Mum to Mum Magazine (1 every 3 months)
  • 1 free savings membership app
  • Social Media shares on our platforms
save £120
or £110 monthly

PR Partner Opportunities - From £250 per month

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Budget - How much do you need to spend?

    • Consider how much you normally spend on marketing, and how effective it is in relation to your business objectives?
    • A 12 month strategy is the best way to grow your businesses asmany customers watch for an average of 8 months before they buy!
    • Consider what your advertising is worth to you and choose a package that is right for you and your business

    This is why we offer packages to suit all budgets, from Start-Up to full PR Partner.

  • Content - How would you make your business stand out?

    On average, a casual reader will spend about two seconds looking at your advert. If it has not caught the eye or grabbed their attention in that time, this reader will move on to something else. How your ad looks is there for every important.

    Consistently keep your message simple. Stress the benefits, not the features of your offer. From graphics to fully managed social media we can help make your content stand out from the crowd and direct to your target audience.

  • Choosing the right method - Does my business need to advertise?

    ALL businesses need to advertise at some stage - So having a constant presence with MumsRate in Mum to Mum, networking, a loyalty card offer, magazine advertising and PR on social media will achieve excellent brand awareness results. Online advertising is now generally the most cost-effective and easiest way to reach a large audience; local papers and magazines are still widely read.

    This is why our packages include online advertising, print advertising, networking and a loyalty app. This combination works and it can increase your brand awareness tenfold.

  • Rising through the competition - Should I try to match my competitors’ advertising?

    With limited resources, it can be tough to keep up with the competition. In fact, to get noticed, you do not have to blend yourself in. It is much better to put your energy into creating a customer offer that is attractive and profitable, and again consider what your advertising is worth to you.

    By working with S Collective you automatically stand out as a trustworthy business, as we only work with the best businesses in town. We only have a limited number of listings in our directory too which means your listing does not get lost in the crowd!

    Calculate how many extra sales you need to make to justify your spend: One of our customers spends £2,250 and it returns £13,000 (which is capped…)

  • Measuring effectiveness - Return on Investment?

    Probably, one of the hardest parts of advertising is identifying the effectiveness of the campaign. Measure each of the approaches you are considering in terms of the cost per thousand target viewers. This comparison sometimes yields surprising results. Sometimes it could be a combination of two or three methods that brings in the most number of customers for you. We have the followers and the audience and the bespoke packages are designed to provide you with a profitable ROI.

Still Unsure?

No problem. Just reach out and get answers to any questions you have! There’s a plan for
everyone and if you’re looking for something else, something bespoke, we can discuss that too.

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