Why choose Mumsrate?


Through running large facebook groups for 10 years now, it is very clear that members will not use a business unless it has been ‘rated’ by another member. Your customers turn to social media groups daily to find recommendations. This can be great if the businesses are a genuine business but dangerous if it is not!

The Mumsrate directory has been created to promote businesses that have been recommended by our members, we check the businesses reviews on google and social media to confirm they are giving a 5-star service and then list the business on our directory. When a member then asks for a service we have on our directory we share the link to the listing for them to view and contact if they wish. This is both great for our clients and our customers as we all want to use a business that others have rated as great!

We already work with 180 local businesses in Milton Keynes, Bedford, Northampton and Dunstable to provide them with affordable packages and PR options to help their business grow. Plus our Facebook groups have over 20,000 members and grow by 300 new members per month!

Our ethos: Give our members access to all the services they ask for daily i.e Plumber, Builder, Baby Group, Afternoon Tea etc… And give our clients the best advertising packages in town so they can make more profit!



  • 20,000 Facebook Group members – 96.4% women (75% aged 25 to 45)
  • Social media reach of 40,000 which is rising daily
  • We have worked on big national brand campaigns such as Domestos ‘use our loos’ and collaborate with The Centre:mk, Frosts Garden Centres, 360 Play, Gravity, In Car Safety Centre and many more national businesses locally.
  • 25,000 followers across Samantha Poole’s social media platforms. Growing as the area managers join and bring their social media followers with them to create a huge UK network.
  • At its peak – 250,000 website visits per year.
  • Several clients only advertise with us now so we can 100% cut your advertising bills. Pay for what works and top it up with social media management or paid Facebook advertising if needed.
  • Our longest serving customers have been advertising with us for over 5 years now.
  • A personal service, led by local mums who know about all of the best things in town!
  • We are growing our social media daily to help promote our client’s businesses even more and stay on top of the trends so you do not have to!
  • Samantha Poole has worked hard over the last 10 years to build up a reputation, a trusted business, and a fantastic network so let Sam and the team promote you and get you noticed in Milton Keynes and beyond.



  1. A successful local magazine in Milton Keynes called Mum to Mum Mag @ https://www.mumtomummag.co.uk/
  2. A thriving networking group and workshop events with Social Media experts @ https://www.sjpoole.co.uk/
  3. A local discount card worth £6500 in savings @ https://www.mumtomumvip.com/
  4. This online Business Directory and large Facebook community – which is already promoting 170 local businesses.
  5. NEW for 2019/2020 is the flexible work Job Board– helping people find flexible work to fit around personal circumstances is a huge passion for Sam!


For our directory packages please see the below pricing plans. If you are interested in being a PR partner please do contact Samantha directly on sam@sjpoole.co.uk 

Disclaimer: Only businesses that have been recommended and approved can purchase these packages.

If you have 5 star ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ reviews and would like to work with us please contact us @ sam@sjpoole.co.uk

bronze yearly icon
  • Listing in 1 area

  • 1 category

  • Advertise in Facebook group

  • 1 free 2020 Discount Card

  • Listing in 3 areas

  • 3 categories

  • Advertise in Facebook group

  • 5 free 2020 Discount Cards

  • Listing in 5 areas

  • 5 categories

  • Top Line advertising Spot

    (In your main category)

  • Advertise in Facebook group

  •  4 x ¼ pages or 2 x 1/2 in Mum to Mum Mag.

  • All MK networking events included in the package

  • 1 x Banner across the top of the Facebook group & Page.

  • On topic Blog shares on our website

  • 10 free 2020 Discount Cards (Worth £400)

  • In the spotlight posts

    (on our social media platforms)

  • Instagram PR

Social Media
  • Social Media Strategy

  • Social Media Management

  • Branded Social Media Graphics

  • Facebook Banner Take Over

  • Facebook Ads Management

  • Social Media Training

  • Website / Social PR Partner

  • MumsRate Ad Campaigns

  • Website Creation

  • Blog Content Creation

  • SEO Management

  • Email Marketing

  • Strategy & Management

  • Feature Blog Articles

    (On MumsRate)

  • Start Up Packages

  • Start Up Business Support

  • Coaching

  • Branding

  • Focus Groups

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